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IMPCO group is No.1 Company in the world of alternative fuel parts and systems commencing with LPG and CNG, and works on developing good products for the environment eagerly.
IMPCO Tech Japan Co. Ltd. is works for customers in Japan and Asia.

LPG / CNG Fuel Systems & Parts for Forklifts and Industrial Vehicles
We are handling fuel parts of LPG/CNG like mixers, regulators, fuel lock-off valves, hoses, joint parts and so for forklifts and industrial vehicles. According to your requests, we select suitable ones and recommend.

Our LPG/CNG A/F control systems make it possible to clean gas emissions with using tree way catalyst.

LPG / CNG Fuel Parts for General-Purpose Gaseous Engines
We prepare various types of LPG and CNG parts for small to large GP engines like Co-Generations, GgosCPortable Generators, Farm Equipments and so.

IMPCO products have achieved satisfactory results in the world, and so they can satisfy with customer needs of high- performance, high-reliability.

LPG / CNG Fuel Systems & Parts for Automobiles
We deal with LPG / CNG conversion kits for passage cars, commercial cars, taxis and so, which types are both injection and mixer.

And supply CNG parts to convert diesel engines to CNG engines for trucks and buses.

GM Gaseous Engine
IMPCO developes LPG / CNG gaseous engines with GM bear engines for forklifts, generators and so.
IMPCO Tech Japan imports and supplies them to our customers.

A diversion from large gasoline or diesel engine to LPG / CNG gaseous engine enables to clean emission.

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