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Industrial engines
Widely used as electrical generators, pumping stations (hot/cold), compressors etc.
Flow diagram (above: high-pressure LPG bottom: low-pressure LPG/Natural Gas)

Gases for engine use
1. LPG liquid/gas Supplied by LP gas traders
2.Natural Gas gas Supplied by town-gas piping
3. Liquified gas gas Produced by swage treatment facilities
4. Bio gas (landfill) gas Produced by waste treatment facilities
1. Sweepers Small-sided cleaning vehicle
2. Linemarkers For road signs or lines
3. Generators Small portable type to large one
4. Compressors For air conditioning/compressing
5. Water pumping For agricultural/drainage use
Entire systems of gaseous engine for an electric generator
Take advantage of electricity and generator's heatI

Many cities have been proceeding NG, town gas, iogas, energy systems.
Cost-effective if the population is over 500 thousands. In addition, making use of the heat, it enables to supply hot water to old people's
home, heated swimming pool etc.

The system put electric and heat energy in use. The heat by generation of electricity is used for air conditioning, hot water supply system or vapor for production.
It can be installed in hotels, inns, hospitals, resort houses, hot spring resorts, sport centers, assemble halls, public halls, convention centers, restaurants, department stores and supermarkets and factories.
Generator Pump for sprinkling

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